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White Rhinestone Bachelorette Party Sash
Another elegant looking rhinestone sash with a martini glass design, this is a good choice if you got diamante sashes for the bridal party and have girls who aren't bridesmaids coming to the party but want to get sashes for them too. Or you could just get this one for everyone at the party!
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Black Rhinestone Bachelorette Party Sash
It's the same sash as the one above, but in black instead of white, so you can pick whichever one best suits the bridal party's sashes or the theme of your bachelorette party!
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Pink Rhinestone Bachelorette Party Sash
They even have this one in pink, too! All of these options should make color coordination super easy, so you can reserve your energy for worrying about all the other details of planning the party instead!
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Bachelorette Party in Progress Caution Sash
Here's another funny caution tape-themed sash, but unlike the "Bachelorette at Play" sash, you could dress every girl at the party in these! It's one thing if your bride to be can get a little crazy, but if the whole group of you are going to get out of control (and let's face it, it's a bachelorette party, so you probably will!), this is the best way to warn everyone you meet of what's coming!
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Bridal Party Sash Set
This is just hands down a great idea. It's a set of eight sashes so that you can get a sash for everyone in your bridal party all together and not have to worry about them matching. It's one-stop shopping! One important thing to note is that it doesn't include a sash for the bride to be herself, so you'll have to get one of those separately and it probably won't match. But after all, hers probably shouldn't match, because the bachelorette should always stand out from the rest of the party!