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Satiny Pink Bachelorette Sash
I like everything about this sash. It has a stylish design, it's made of comfortable material, and it's not too expensive. This is my favorite of all the bachelorette sashes!
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Black Diamante Bachelorette Sash
You can tell this is one of the nicer sashes out there because it's studded with gemstones that spell out "Bachelorette"! Okay, I think they're just rhinestones, but still, this is probably one of the classiest looking sashes you can find!
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Metallic Silver Bachelorette Sash
This is one of the most fun and hip-looking sashes I've seen. The silvery chrome background and multicolored rainbows make it totally unique and unlike any other sash out there, so its great for a bachelorette who's unlike any other bachelorette out there!
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Bachelorette At Play Caution Sash
This is probably the funniest sash of all your options. It's made to look like caution tape, andit warns any unsuspecting bar-goers that the bachelorette is there to have a wild time and cause a little chaos! If your bride has a great sense of humor (or if you feel like you actually need to warn everyone she's coming) this is a great sash for her!