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Bride To Be Sash
This is a pretty basic sash for the bride-to-be, but basic doesn't mean it doesn't look great! It's cute with a little ring design and it will go well with pretty much anything. And it's about a dollar cheaper than most of the other options!
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Flashing Bride To Be Sash
If you want to attract a lot of attention to your bride to be (and why wouldn't you? the party is for her, after all!), this is the best sash for it. Not only does the festive design stand out on its own, but its covered in flashing red lights, too!
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White Diamante Bride To Be Sash
You can tell this is one of the nicer sashes out there because it's studded with gemstones that spell out "Bachelorette"! Okay, I think they're just rhinestones, but still, this is probably one of the classiest looking sashes you can find!
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Black Diamante Bride To Be Sash
This is basically the same sash as the one above, but in black instead of white. So you have different color options so you can pick the one to match the bride to be's dress perfectly!
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Flashing Pink Bride To Be Sash
Here's another option for a "flashy" bride to be (because it flashes!). The lettering is a bit more elegant than the other flashing sash, and the color scheme is different, so if your bride to be loves pink this is the way to go!